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About us

Though use of the term “mimesis” dates back to the pre-Platonic era, it was Plato, and then Aristotle, who first used this term more specifically for the arts. For Plato, “mimesis” is a fundamental part of human life, as we, consciously or unconsciously, imitate that which surrounds us, “similarizing ourselves to another”, “speaking in another’s voice”, or “acting as another does”.


In referring to the performing arts, especially poetry, music, and drama, Aristotle believes that “mimesis” forms the foundation of any performance, opining that performers do not imitate reality but rather bring reality into existence through “mimesis”. For Aristotle, that which an artist creates, if plausible yet untrue, outweighs what is real but hard to believe.


Artists don’t perform reality, they merely consult with it. It is then, through “mimesis”, that true creation occurs.


At Mimesis, through binding the realms of philosophy and imagery, we are on a global mission to redefine the essence of media. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to transcending cultural boundaries, cultivating intellectual curiosity, and inspiring positive change on an international scale. Through relentless innovation and the pursuit of excellence, we create transformative content that not only carries the potential to captivate diverse audiences but also serves as a catalyst for meaningful interaction and cross-cultural understanding.


Mimesis envisions a future in which media evolves into a universal language, transcending borders and weaving a tapestry of shared human experiences. Pioneering this evolution in storytelling, we aspire to develop unparalleled standards in creativity, diversity, and technological advancement. Our vision is to become a beacon of inspiration, thus leaving an indelible mark on the global media landscape and, more importantly, contributing to a more connected, informed, and harmonious world.

Mimesis Team