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Ali Jalilvand


Ali Jalilvand was born in Tehran in 1973. With a degree in civil engineering, he began his career as a programmer and then as a production manager for Iranian State Television in 1989. After 5 years, Ali Jalilvand officially started work as a producer in cinema and television and he is now a member of the Film Producers Guild of Iran as a professional producer. He has produced more than 35 feature films, documentaries, series, documentary series, and plays since 1995.


  • Production of more than 20 documentary and fiction series for television
  • Production of four feature films:
  • Beyond the Wall”, directed by Vahid Jalilvand, 2022
  • Below Border Zero”, documentary directed by Mehdi Afsharnik, 2019
  • No Date, No Signature”, directed by Vahid Jalilvand, 2017
  • Wednesday, May 9”, directed by Vahid Jalilvand, 2015
  • Production of 9 short fiction films:
  • Transcendence 2009
  • Two Facing People 2007
  • Behind My Back 2006
  • Our Good Village 2005
  • Glasses 2004
  • Mani 2003
  • Dawn 2000
  • Rosary of Love 1997
  • Three Generations in Mellat Beauty Salon 1996